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Fusion Brands Club — Exclusive Testing
How does it work?
FUSION BRANDS helps companies to find new customers who can test their products and become co-creators of new product ranges
Brands launch new products and want to receive feedback on their usability
Brands give away the first batch of newly produced items to Fusion Brands community
As a CLUB Member get exclusive access to our upcoming new products
The first 20 suitable applicants receive a FREE product sample that is yours to keep
Test the FREE product and share your experience
Help brands improve their product quality and launch new product ranges
Fusion Brands Club’s Code
We offer unique and premium
products for testing
We manually check every club member to ensure we maintain our community values
You receive products for testing that match your personal interests and preferences
We like product testing
We test products because we love product innovation. We help to launch unique products with our active participation in product testing and reviewing.
We are appreciative
We appreciate the community and always try to do our best to help with product development.
We follow our interests
As community members we pursue our personal interests in certain product categories. We apply to test only the products that interest us.
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How do I join the Fusion Brands club?
Fill in the Form and receive confirmation
Joining FUSION BRANDS CLUB is only possible with a personalised invitation. In order to receive one, fill in the online form and tell us about yourself. All applications are manually moderated by our office managers. Please be prepared to wait a few days for your application to be processed as we receive many requests. We will send a response to each and every applicantion, and will be welcoming the most suitable applicants to join the community.
Get to know the community
If your request to join the community gets approved, you will receive an email with the link for signing into the platform. Fusion Brands operates within the Openland community platform. After joining the platform, you will become a part of the active user community. You will also be able to subscribe to various interest-based channels and talk to like-minded people, test products in teams and attend events by Fusion Brands.
Select Products for Testing
Fusion Brands develops together with its club members that love testing unique products. We encourage you to be proactive and always check to see if there are any new products to test.
JOIN our Community
Receive FREE goods for testing. Select your preferred subscription plan.
Free Аccess
  • Access to closed community chats
  • Participate in receiving products to test & review
  • Monthly updates with new brand offers
  • Interest-based community
  • Free Аccess
    $485 / mo
  • Access to premium product testing
  • Daily product offer updates
  • Access to closed community chats
  • Participate in receiving products to test & review
  • Interest-based community
  • Club Members’ Rating
    Actively participate in community life, receive free products for testing and collect Fusion Brands ratings
    The higher your rating is, the more exclusive offers you will receive.
    I recently joined the club and have already managed to test a couple of products. I am now delighted to share my experience with the community!
    Very convenient, interesting and most importantly pleasant!
    Best service ever! I love the concept and wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody interested in product testing. There is a mutually beneficial exchange and each side is satisfied.
    Excellent service! Thanks to this club I had an opportunity to test several unique products and help to make them even better. I am grateful to the guys who created it and gave us this opportunity!
    Now I can test the products that I am interested in.
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    👶 Baby
    💊 Health and Household
    📱 Electronics
    🎨 Arts & Crafts
    💻 Computers
    🏡 Home and Kitchen
    🐈 Pet supplies
    🍊 Gardening
    💿 Software
    🔫 Toys and Games
    👗 Women's Fashion
    🌸 Beauty and personal care
    ⚽️ Sports and Outdoors
    🎥 Movies & Television
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    How to get started:

    1. Wait until we send you a letter with the available products

    2. Choose the product you like, order it and send us a screenshot with the Order ID and PayPal account

    3. Get the product and share your opinion about it

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